Photograph (C) Sarah O' Hara

Young Everyman Playhouse have concluded their 2019/20 year with a radio drama recorded from their homes during lockdown.

The Visit is a seven-part drama following student Ashley’s trip to a friend’s family home during reading week.

When Ashley’s friend Annabelle invites him to stay for a week, everything seems fairly normal. However as the week moves on, a series of bizarre events lead Ashley to a shocking discovery. Family grudges, things that go bump in the night and a TV that never switches off. This is a home where nothing is what it seems.

The radio show is a collaboration with the Everyman Theatre’s Hope Street Neighbours, Liverpool Arts Bar, and local freelancers.

It was created at a time when the projects that the YEP actors, producers, directors, marketers and technicians were working on were postponed following lockdown. This included a production of Macbeth and the annual YEP Directors Festival.

Chris Tomlinson, Associate Director at Young Everyman Playhouse, said:

“Our activity has acted as a place to check in and be a touchstone for our young people to engage about their mental well-being and how it is affecting them being disconnected from friends, school, college and their place of work.

For some of our young people, this has been a vital connection for them to have while navigating these strange times and how we are going to emerge through the world of relaxing lockdown and into a post Covid-19 world”.

The members of YEP have continued to work on creative projects during lockdown remotely, collaborating with local organisations and theatre makers across the country.

Projects include a birthday tribute to William Shakespeare and a spoken word response to the Coronavirus Pandemic.

The first weekly episode of Young Everyman Playhouse’s The Visit premiered on Friday 10th July.

You can listen to it now on the Liverpool Everyman Playhouse Website.