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An evil queen…a treacherous plan…a vampire who wants to destroy christmas?

This is the story of Snow White, but not as you know it!

Written by Kevin Fearon, The Scouse Snow White is the latest fairytale to have a Liverpool’s Royal Court make-over.

When Snow White returns home from a gap year, she longs for adventure and excitement. She gets more than she wished for however, as the Evil Queen wants her gone once and for all! Queue a huntsman who is love with Snow White, a vampire who hates Christmas, a Mayor who has run out of money and a magic super lamb banana…

As I said, this isn’t the Snow White you know – but it’s gloriously good.

The production takes its lead from traditional pantomimes, with quirky narration from the ever brilliant Andrew Schofield. The rest of the production though is 100% Liverpool’s Royal Court magic.

Opening with a joyous rendition of ‘The Land of Make Believe’, the cast sets the bar high for a production full of marvellous musical performances. From a brilliantly harmonised ‘Uptown Girl’, to the beautiful ‘Don’t let the sun go down on me’, the soundtrack is matched perfectly to the sequence of events that run throughout the production.

Though at times the production does seem to take on too many different plot lines at once, they’re interweaved well and performed superbly by the cast.

Photograph (C) Activate Digital

Hayley Sheen and Sam Arends are a delightful duo as Snow White and Nana Dwarf. Arends is a great addition to the cast and her puppetry performance is second to none. Her performance provides much laughter throughout the show, whether that’s her dramatic reaction to Snow White biting the poisoned apple or her affection for the local postman.

Stephen Fletcher’s vampire delivers a highly enjoyable performance of The Cure’s ‘Love Cats’. Intent on destroying Christmas, Fletcher’s eccentric vampire is wonderfully humourous and his character adds an unusual gothic pantomime twist on the Snow White story. His metamorphosis into a bat is also very amusing as Michael Fletcher’s huntsman looks on while exclaiming “Is that supposed to be a bat?”.

There’s plenty of wit in The Scouse Snow White. From Lindzi Germain’s hilarious responses as the magic mirror and the Evil Queen, to Keddy Sutton’s interaction with the audience during her sing-along in the first act, you’ll be crying with laughter through the night.

Schofield and Michael Fletcher are comedy cold. Their slapstick moments while the Huntsman is following Snow White in the forest are brilliantly choreographed and you can see how much fun the duo are having on stage. Plus their jailhouse duet steals the show in the second act. Guaranteed you’re still going to be singing this as you’re leaving the theatre.

All of the action takes place on a beautiful set designed by Olivia De Monceau. Changing from Leasowe Castle to Nana Dwarf’s cottage and the snow covered forest, the revolving stage is utilised well to take us on this magical journey.

A five star show with a five star cast, The Scouse Snow White is one of the must see festive productions this December.

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