Photograph (C) Mark McNulty




Adventure awaits at the Liverpool Empire Theatre with the timeless story of Peter Pan.

Join The Darlings as they journey to Neverland, meet new friends and help defeat the villainous Captain Hook.

If you ever wanted an example of pantomime perfection, then Peter Pan at the Liverpool Empire is it.

The production is a wondrous journey that enchanted audiences of all generations. There’s music, there’s magic and there’s fun for the whole family.

Adam McCoy’s energetic and enthusiastic Peter Pan soared onto stage as soon as the curtain lifted. No sooner did we hear the word Neverland, we were whisked away to meet The Lost Boys, Mimi the Mermaid and the infamous crocodile!

McCoy has a marvellous singing voice, while his impressive backflips in the air delighted the audience. The flying was excellently crafted and a joy to watch, recreating the wonder of those moments in the story.

Although you don’t see Peter Pan as often as you might have thought in the story, McCoy made you believe in magic in every scene that he appeared.

Photograph (C) Mark McNulty

Entering Neverland, Louis Emerick’s Captain Hook snarled and laughed in glorious pantomime villain style. The cinematic pirate’s song accompanying his entrance was superbly choreographed, while the pyrotechnics were an added surprise in this enthralling musical number.

Captain Hook’s other nemesis, the crocodile, was superbly recreated with every detail as realistic as the next. The puppetry work in Peter Pan was exquisite and added extra fun with a giant octopus in the underwater scene opening act two.

Of course as with any pantomime, amongst the action is a lot of laughs. John Evans and Tony Maudsley were a hilarious duo, whose jokes and slapstick physical comedy had the audience cheering for more.

Both the comically timed and improvised moments of ‘If I were not in Neverland’ left you with tears of laughter, while the word play during the pirate roll call scene highlighted the pantomime’s witty, well crafted script.

Photograph (C) Mark McNulty

Asa Elliot, John Evans and Cristina Hoey’s rendition of ‘Everything I do (I do it for you), was a stand out moment in the show. It was reminiscent of classic sketches from programmes such as Morecambe and Wise, rekindling memories of settling down with your family in front of the TV at Christmas time. I loved every minute of it.

The colourful sets were beautiful to behold, particularly the grandeur of Captain Hook’s ship ‘The Jolly Roger’. The set changes were slick and seamless, enabling the passage of time in the story to flow well.

Like the lights adorning the set throughout the show, the cast shone brightly and delivered a performance that you’ll want to see again and again. This is one trip to Neverland that you’ll never forget.

5 stars

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