All photographs (C) Sarah O' Hara

MCM Comic Con returned to London’s Excel for the ultimate weekend of Pop Culture.

Thousands of fans from across the world attended throughout the weekend. Across the venue, audiences could visit areas including The Comic Village, watch K-Pop performances, try out exciting new games and VR, take part in CosPlay masquerades and meet guest stars of film, tv, animation and more including Sebastian Stan, David Harbour, Misha Collins, Stephen Amell, Emily Bett Rickards, Nolan North and Troy Baker.

Stepping off the train and walking up to the venue, the air of excitement was evident before I even stepped inside. I walked alongside hundreds of CosPlayers, each with amazing costumes designed to the smallest of details.

Whether it was Marvel or DC, Anime and Manga, sci-fi icons, classic cartoon characters, musicals or movies such as Waynes World, the variety of CosPlay during the weekend was awe inspiring.

The scale of the event was equally impressive. Each part of the venue was separated into specific areas, with activities and interests to suit all generations of fans.

Each area was well-signposted, enabling you to easily find the activities you were looking for and check out talk times for the five MCM Comic Con stages throughout the weekend.

Walking past the main stage, cheering fans could be heard as stars from film and tv attended Q&As. Talks including ‘On the sofa with Sebastian Stan’ and ‘Arrow Time’ due huge crowds, with audiences eagerly queuing by the hundreds to listen to their heroes talk about iconic productions.

Channels such as SYFY and The Horror Channel provided immersive activities for audiences to take part in, including VR experiences and Fortune Telling. The Horror Channel’s photography booth was a treat for all fans of ghost stories. Stepping onto the green screen, you could have your photo taken as both the ghost and the person scared by the ghost. These were both merged to create a spooky image, which was printed as a memento to take away with you.

More VR was in store, as fans could take a trip in ‘The Time Machine’. A partnership between NHK Enterprises Inc. and the 1964 Tokyo VR, the companies have used photos of Shibuya in 1964 to create a VR experience unlike any other. Audiences could walk around 1964 Shibuya, as if they had stepped back in time to walk around the city itself. Putting on the VR headset, I was amazed by the 3DVR. Reaching out with one of the handsets, I could feel the statue in front of me. The entire experience made me quickly forgot that I was using VR; I genuinely felt that I was in Shibuya. It was a fascinating experience that I hope to see grow using more archive photos of various locations in the future.

There was also a chance for fans to try out new games before they were launched. These included the highly anticipated Crash Bandicoot Team Racing and futuristic racing game Pacer. Putting on my headphones, Pacer was an exhilarating ride that brought back fond memories of classic arcade racing games, while maintaining a fresh visual aesthetic. It was as if classic arcade racing games met modern design, in a game sure to delight audiences of all ages when it is released.

Near the gaming exhibitions was an impressive Overwatch Lego Build. Taking 731 hours to complete, ten people to build it and containing over 145,000 bricks, the scale of the build was phenomenal. Other impressive builds could be found in the Treehouse Area, including a replica of King Kong climbing the Empire State Building, in a homage to the classic film.

If you wanted to take a break from the activities, there were plenty of trade stands to browse. From the MCM Comic Con London exclusives at the Funko Pop booth, to comic books and comic style sketches (some where you could have yourself drawn with your favourite characters), there was something for everyone amongst the stalls.

It’s quite impossible to fit everything that MCM Comic Con London had to offer during the weekend into one review. All I can say is that it is truly one of the ultimate weekends of pop culture. A must attend event for fans of all ages and one that we’ll still be talking about for weeks to come.

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