Lush Liverpool Spa

Lush Spa are renowned for their innovative Spa Treatments and unique experiences, which all began with their signature Spa Treatment, Synaesthesia.

Walking into the Lush Spa, there was a feeling of calm. Every noise from the bustling streets outside seemed to disappear. Aside from footsteps of the Spa Therapists and the trickle of drinking water, there was quiet.

The windows let in a sea of light. On this beautiful spring day, it felt like bliss. I sat in the lounge, content and awaiting my Spa Treatment.

My Spa Therapist was welcoming, polite and instantly made me feel relaxed. We sat in the Lush Spa Kitchen, as she guided me through the massage step by step. At any time I could ask questions, but I felt so well-informed that there was nothing I needed to ask.

In the Lush Spa Kitchen, I was given a list of words. Whichever word jumped out from the page, I was asked to choose. This would inform the Spa Treatment. Having just launched our new magazine, there was one word that stood out – Ambition. I went forward with this, and another word I was asked to choose later on.

Entering the Spa Room, the scent of the Essential Oils was soothing. The Essential Oils used in the treatment reflected the words you choose. The oils fragranced the room throughout the Spa Treatment. From the beginning, every part is tailored to you.

Each word also has its own massage bar that is used in the Spa Treatment, which you get to take home with you. Every massage bar has its own qualities and scent, depending on the word you chose at the beginning.

It’s luxurious to be at home and feel like the Spa Treatment is still continuing. Every time I use the massage bar, the feelings of relaxation return.

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Synaesthesia Spa Treatment is a full head to toe body massage. As the Spa Therapist moved from my shoulders and arms, to my stomach, legs and back, I felt at total ease. Any pockets of tension in my muscles seemed to disappear.

The Spa Therapist was excellently trained; using a firm pressure to relieve any aches, whilst also massaging at a gentle pace that made me feel calm and peaceful. I felt like I was in the care of a brilliant Spa Therapist, who I would highly recommend to anyone visiting the Lush Spa.

The Spa Treatment is not only restorative for the body, but also for the mind. My thoughts seemed to drift away. All that was left was the sound of the music and feelings of contentment.

The quiet enabled me to reflect and pause. There was a feeling of clarity. Taking time to reflect on my hopes and ambitions, I felt inspired when I left the Lush Spa that day. I had expected to feel my body relax during and after the Spa Treatment, yet my mind was as equally rejuvenated.

The music – a mix of folk songs and forest sounds – was sublime. The light system in the room changes to reflect the music and each section of the massage. Though my eyes were closed, I could sense when the lights changed. When there were sounds of birds, the lights seem to grow brighter, as if the sun had risen and the day was beginning. Every element is carefully crafted and it was unlike any other Spa Treatment I had ever experienced.

Leaving the room, the Spa Therapist gave me a comforting cup of loose leaf tea. The warm tea glided over my lips; that soothing feeling from the massage continuing. I love that the entire experience was at my own pace. There was no need to rush and I could take as much time as I wanted. I felt extremely well looked after by the Lush Spa and my Spa Therapist.

The entire Synaesthesia Spa Treatment was bliss; combining the five senses into eighty minutes of ultimate relaxation. An experience tailored to you and one I would highly recommend.

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