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Following in the footsteps (or should that be dance steps?) of smash-hit comedy Lost Soul, is the highly anticipated sequel, Lost Soul 2: Smigger’s Wrecked Head.

Smigger, Terry, Donna and Pat return in Dave Kirby’s hilarious new show.

Poor Smigger has had enough and is going through a mid-life crisis. All he wants to do is spend his Sundays down in Smokie Mos, reliving the days of classic soul music with his friends and wife Donna.

Yet what happens when Smigger realises that time is catching up with him and that it’s not the seventies anymore?

Lost Soul 2 is the perfect follow-up to the original. Witty, wonderful and heart-warming, its themes of love, family and friendship resonate with generations of audiences.

Once again the Royal Court’s original revolve is used to excellent effect. The quick-change of one part of the revolve from a Pontin’s holiday resort in act one, to a bedroom in Terry’s house in act two was particularly impressive.

The flashbacks to previous events and return to present were reflected well by the set design and use of the revolve. Each scene moved quickly and effortlessly to the next, constantly engaging the audience.

At the heart of the show is the relationship between Smigger and Donna. Andrew Schofield returns as Smigger; his comic timing capturing Smigger’s dry humour. Even when he doesn’t say a word, Schofield’s physical comedy and facial expressions leave you crying with laughter.

Together, he and Lindzi Germain (Donna) are a dynamic duo. Their onstage chemistry is matched perfectly by their delivery of the dialogue. From hilarious events (watch out for the Pontin’s holiday flashback) to the moving moments in the final scenes of the show, you feel connected to the two characters and their story. Their performances are realistic; told with poignancy, humour and love.

Jake Abraham and Catherine Rice return as Terry and Pat. This time the tables have turned and they are the ones trying to help Donna and Smigger through their relationship issues. Yet in doing so, there’s plenty of laughs as we see an insight into the lives of these two brilliant characters. Without giving the game away, watch out for their particularly hilarious homage to a famous chocolate brand that you’ll never forget.

Of course, Lost Soul 2 returns with an incredible soundtrack of seventies classics. Yet it’s Lenny Wood’s bartender that was the stand-out star of the show. Befriending our cast of characters, he learns a trick or two from his new friends and the stars of soul. Wood’s dancing is tremendous in the second act, while his film duologue with the equally brilliant Bobby Schofield is exemplar of clever wordplay.

Completing the cast is the wonderful Gemma Brodrick as Smigger and Donna’s daughter Amy. Having delighted audiences in Yellow Breck Road, it was great to see her back at the Royal Court in Lost Soul 2. Her character’s journey is told through an engaging performance, while her dancing duet with Lenny Wood makes your heart soar.

Lost Soul 2 will have you tapping your feet, clapping your hands and cheering for more. You’ll be dancing in the seats, dancing your away out of the theatre and certainly still dancing the next day. Encore!

5 stars

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