Presenters Patchie Clancy, Ant Barratt and George Jaeger-Wright (C) GD&C Radio Show

Pop Culture Radio Show and Podcast, Geeks Destroy and Conquer, celebrated their first birthday with a special anniversary show!

On Wednesday 9th September, Geeks Destroy and Conquer broadcast their birthday show to fans across the world on Access North West Radio Online.

Presented by George Jaeger Wright, Patchie Clancy and Anthony Barratt, the trio delighted fans with their fun mix of reviews, analysis and discussion about pop culture.

Listeners could hear the trio talk about newly released television programmes including Star Girl, Cobra Kai and High Score, in addition to incredible music, on their 30th show.

Presenters Ant, Patchie and George recording in the studio in 2019 (C) GD&C Radio Show

George Jaeger Wright said:

“The show really has grown over the last 12 months, with listeners all over Europe and the US. It’s amazing. Jason at ANW gave us this opportunity and we’ll be forever grateful. I know from emails, and FB messages that we have brought certain movies or tv shows to peoples attentions, who may not have watched it otherwise.

I enjoy being able chat with the lads, and get special guests in just to have a laugh for an hour every week. We hope that people enjoy it too!”

The show has been recorded remotely since March, with previous podcasts available to listen to on the Geeks Destroy and Conquer MixCloud Page.

Since launching in September 2019, Geeks Destroy and Conquer has gained thousands of fans across the world.

The trio have previously discussed the anniversaries of films including The Lost Boys and Back to the Future, spoke about upcoming Comic Conventions and introduced listeners to television, film and games they may not have heard of before.

Presenter Patchie Clancy said about their friendship:

“I like the fact that we all have different personalities and tastes, and that comes across in the suggestions we have for each other and the way that we each see the things that we actually manage to watch together. Plus, who doesn’t want to have an hour a week to try and convince their friends to play a decades old computer game?”

Photograph (C) GD&C Radio Show

What started as three friends talking about their favourite films, tv and video games, has also brought fans together across the world in a shared love of pop culture.

“We wanted to share our passion for all things pop culture with anyone who wanted to listen, so in August 2019, we started to record at Liverpool radio station, Access North West Radio, and loved every minute, said Ant Barratt.

“We enjoy introducing each other and discussing different things, to then give the audience recommendations. We have now passed our one year anniversary and 30th show and I love that we are still going strong after we have put out these shows.

“Whether you’re a fan of video games, movies, binge watching TV shows or just looking for your next obsession, Geeks: Destroy and Conquer is the place for you!”

Listen to Geeks Destroy and Conquer on Access North West Radio and catch up on previous shows on the Geeks Destroy and Conquer MixCloud Page.