Luca Wilding (C) John Ogunmuyiwa

By Edua Guerra

Singer-Songwriter Luca Wilding has released his new single ‘Johanna’.

The single is a triumphal second taste of his upcoming debut album, due to be released later this year.

Signed under Abbey Records, Wilding talks about his brand new single saying:

“Johanna is a song about loss. It tells the story of two people, one person reaching out towards the other and the other turning away.

I tried to use this collection of symbols to represent the confused feeling of falling for someone and how this is tied to all these little signs we learn over the course of our lives”.

With melancholic notes, Johanna perfectly displays Wilding’s song writing talent and his “dream- folk” musical style.

‘Johanna’ follows the release of his debut single ‘Heartachers’ in June, which was met with acclaim by fans and music critics.

‘Heartachers’ was also accompanied by a stunning short film, made by award-winning filmmaker Patrick Fileti.

Regardless of never playing an instrument in his youth, it was his sudden love for Leonard Cohen that inspired him into song writing and a mixtape given to him by an encouraging school teacher, that made him pursue his music ambition.

‘Johanna’ is available to download and stream now.