Photograph (C) Rob Nankivell

Collateral have released the next single from their forthcoming debut album.

‘Mr Big Shot’ has already received radio play across the country and like Collateral songs before it, is a record that you will want to listen to again and again.

From its brilliant guitar riffs to its catchy chorus and sing-along lyrics such as “Follow your dreams, no matter how far”, ‘Mr Big Shot’ is another anthemic record from Collateral.

If this is a glimpse of what we can expect from their upcoming album, we cannot wait to hear the rest of the tracks!

Their self-titled debut album will be released on 21st February 2020 by Roulette Media Records.

Speaking ahead of its release, singer Angelo Tristan said:

“The album is comprised of nine songs – all killer and no filler. The recording of this album was an amazing experience from the get-go. To finally see this record come to life was remarkable. I hope the fans will share the same excitement we had when we made the album. Buckle up. We’re in for one helluva ride!”

Collateral are also special guests on Jared James Nichols’ Spring Tour, which begins at the Robin 2 in Bilston on Tuesday 25th February 2020.

‘Mr Big Shot’ is available to purchase and stream now.

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